Thursday, 30 June 2016

Drought Conditions at Victoria Park

Drought conditions persist at Victoria Park. We have not had significant rainfall in over a month and the golf course and water reservoirs (ponds) are showing it. Both Victoria Park East and Valley get their irrigation water from a deep well that fills our irrigation pond. During dry conditions we draw more water to irrigate the golf course then our permit allows to refill the reservoir. Under normal conditions the timely rainfall will allow us to stop watering the golf course and to fill up the ponds. This has not happened and we are still in June.
Water restrictions will most likely be happening very soon for people and businesses with a Permit to Take Water
Water restrictions will mean we will have to cut back on the amount of water we can use and we will have to start prioritizing parts of the golf course we irrigate. Since we do not water the rough anyway we would have to cut back on fairways and tees. This would leave enought water for greens.
Even without water restrictions our irrigation system will never be as good as natural rainfall. Certain areas have gone dormant. The turf is not dead and it will come back when ever significant rainfall occurs. The golf course is stlll very playable and we should be happy with the extra roll our ball is getting. We must keep up with the times and realize that having the golf courses in lush green conditions during a drought is not sustainable. Thank you for understanding.
Until next time...