Saturday, 23 April 2011

Vic East Weekly Objectives

 This week the grounds crew have been working hard to get the golf course playable. One of the biggest tasks of the spring is getting the sand traps playable. The procedure involves edging the bunkers, cleaning out any debris, checking the depth of sand, moving around the sand and or adding more sand. To check all bunkers could take two weeks. The picture shows the grounds crew adding new sand to the fairway bunker on # 9.

Other objectives for this week are to train new staff on all aspects of golf course maintenance and continue to mow the golf course. Greens have been mowed quite a few times. Fairways and Tees have been mowed twice. The rough has not been mowed yet.
We are also going to start the irrigation system for the first time. This is usually interesting.  I will keep you posted.
David DeCorso

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Victoria Park Valley Update

Hello Friends. Some of you may not know it but we are building a new golf course at the corner of Victoria Rd and Maltby Rd. The new golf course named Victoria Park Valley Golf Club is replacing the Victoria Park West Golf Club which will close AFTER the 2011 season.
I have been out to  the Valley and things are looking good. We have mowed some of the established greens today and we actually had to water the newest greens. The picture is Chris our grow-in foreman mowing the green on hole A3.

We have seeded 17 holes and have 10 more holes to seed. I am meeting with the head contractor tomorrow to discuss when they are going to get started this spring. I will keep you posted. Thanks for reading.
David DeCorso

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Golf Course Conditions

This is my first blog post - so be patient. My name is David DeCorso. Part owner, Golf Course Superintendent and General Manger at Victoria Park East Golf Club. I will be posting blogs weekly on golf course maintenance updates and projects. I will also be posting updates on the status of our new golf course Victoria Park Valley which is under construction. Please feel free to provide comment.
This picture is of our 18th green on April 6, 2011. The golf course overwintered very well. There is no winter injury to speak of (unlike last year).  Our plan is to have the golf course open this weekend. Hopefully all 18 greens. Our goal for the next week is the get the course cleaned up. We are behind about one week due to the weather so the golf course will not be cleaned up by this weekend. Thanks for reading.