Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ice Damage Update - April 30, 2014

9 green April 30
 The greens have recovered to the point where we definitely know where the turf has survived and where the dead spots are. The greens have definitely filled in a lot in the last two weeks but there are some greens that lost turf. At present we have three greens that are closed and nine greens with partial closures. The worst areas have all been seeded and covered. The covers give a green house effect and warm the soil for better growth and germination. In saying that the cold weather has not been good for growth or germination.

Dimple seeder - April 15
 We need about 18 degrees to warm up the soil enough for germination. As you know we have not had many days at that temperature.
Replacing cover - April 30

The covers need to come off every 4-5 days for mowing and fertilization. Every week we will asses the green and alter the covers if needed. Until we get warm temperatures the recovery period will be slow.

We have also started plugging out dead spots. This process will help fill in small areas. The process will talk some time. Lets hope for nice weather to help with our recovery efforts. Until Next time... David
Plugging Greens - April 30

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Valley Clubhouse Update April 23, 2014

 The Crew has been busy and is moving right along. Our goal is to have the upstairs finished by the first week of May and complete the downstairs shortly after that. The flooring started last week. Ceramic tile has been placed in the Kitchen and the Snack bar area. Some of the kitchen equipment has been installed and the snack bar counter has been partially installed. There is still a lot of coordination and work to do to have the clubhouse partially open the first week of May.
The stone masons have been working around the weather to complete the stone work. They should be finished today. Above the stone work will be stucco. They have to have nice weather to work the temperature cannot go below 0 degrees. They are expected to move in Monday. Landscaping will start after the stucco crew has finished. We will open the clubhouse while the landscaping is finished. Until Next Time.... Davie

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Ice Damage Update At Victoria Park East

 As the snow is melts we are seeing the true damage to the greens at the East course. We have started tarping greens with a permeable (breathable) cover to help warm up the soil temperatures and promote growth. there Until we get some warm rains and temperatures and the turf starts growing we will not know the extent of the damage. There is definitely damage some greens worse than others. We will be starting the year off with some greens partially closed and may even have a few greens completely closed.
The picture on the left shows a few golf course superintendents from Guelph, London, and Toronto meeting with David Otis from the United States Golf Association at the Cutten Fields GC discussing the damage. Golf courses all over Southern Ontario and the North Eastern United States have suffered from the harsh winter. Not every golf course is affected and some are worse than others.

The good news for Victoria Park members and guests is the Victoria Park Valley course's greens did not suffer any ice damage because of the new greens still have 100% creeping bent grass which is much more tolerant than annual blue grass. We hope to have the Valley course open for play Easter Weekend weather permitting.
Until next time.... David

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Valley Club House Update - April 1, 2014

Deck on South Side
 The construction crew started working on the decks this week while work continued inside. The main floor has been dry walled. The mudding and taping still has to be finished. The duct work was also being completed today.
There is a lot of activity in the basement including framing with metal studs, electrical, plumbing, duct work, walk-in freezers, and Over head doors. It will be another busy and hopefully productive week. Until next time.... David

Overhead door in Basement

Main Floor